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Thirteen-year-old Bernie's summer is looking pretty grim. It's hard to make friends when your family runs a monument company, and your backyard is littered with tombstones. It's even harder when your mother suddenly refuses to leave her room . . .

To make matters worse, her father has just hired a new artist to engrave the headstones--the creepy Mr. Stein. Bernie has a bad feeling about him right from the start, and after snooping around his cottage, she discovers an engraved portrait of their neighbor . . . a woman who promptly dies the next day. And it's not just a weird coincidence. The pattern continues, and Bernie realizes that Mr. Stein has begun engraving headstones before people die, which forces Bernie to ask a horrifying question: Is Mr. Stein predicting the deaths . . . or causing them? 


"Will please readers who like character development mixed with delicious creepiness. Fans of books by Mary Downing Hahn or Peg Kehret will find this a good match." -- School Library Journal 

"Goebel’s debut has some scary moments, but they’re all countered by warm, fuzzy interactions with her good-hearted family and neighbors. Give to young readers who want a spooky story without the nightmares."-- Booklist


Colorado Book Awards 2014 Winner for Juvenile Literature 


Publisher:Scholastic Inc.

Publication date:10/29/2013 

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