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Jenny Goebel

I’ve spent nearly my entire life living at the base of the Rocky Mountains, with one foot in Denver and the other immersed in nature. Like many native Coloradans, I’m equal parts city mouse and country mouse. My city side loves museums, concerts, art, perusing bookstores, and eating out. The country mouse in me loves long nature walks, snowshoeing, being by myself, and finding a quiet place to read (and, of course, write).

Before I became a children’s book author, I attended the University of Colorado, married my high school sweetheart, worked as an elementary school teacher, had three beautiful, boisterous boys, and began an engraving business—although I didn’t start out engraving headstones. I fell into that portion of the job when my husband introduced me to a fellow firefighter whose family owned a monument company. I began periodically engraving headstone portraits for their customers, as well as some for other local memorial companies.  And one day I asked myself, what if someone was engraving headstone portraits of people before the people mysteriously died? It would make for one creepy story, right?

Well, that “what if” question led me to write GRAVE IMAGES,

and today I find myself asking “what if” questions all the time. If

the answer I come up with is good enough, I do my best to turn it

into a story. It’s fun. You should try it!

About Me

Pet Marker: One of the portraits I engraved--this one for a cat named Wessie LaLa.

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